The privacy token supporting active systems that protects your privacy online and your right to freedom of speech, the core base of democracy!

Acts as a reward system for open source developers that develop apps and systems that benefit the Zero Avocado privacy ecosystem

Used as form of payment for services and equipment offered by Zero Avocado Ltd.

40% of Zero Avocados Ltd’s pretax profit are used to buy back Zercados Tokens on the open market  yearly. This ensures a continued market for the token and the continued development of apps and systems supporting Zero Avocado’s privacy ecosystem.

Systems using the Zercados Token includes:

Avoozer –The privacy and secure communications smart phone.

AvoVPN – The dedicated VPN eco system network exclusive for Avoozer smart phones, connecting users and services with each other and networks outside of the VPN.

Lemozer – The matrix based social network connecting over 25 million users worldwide.

Zercados opens up a whole new world for open source developers. Traditionally open source systems are developed by some of the worlds best programmers, but they often do this on their free time and more as an interest rather than for profit. With the launch of Zercados Tokens there is a new way for some of the worlds brightest minds to financially gain from their interest and dedications and still remaining open source.

While the Avoozer smart phone forms a key part in the systems developed, services and systems will be available also for those that do not use the Avoozer smart phone, but those users will not enjoy the privacy and security that the smart phones offers. The dedicated VPN system, AvoVPN acts as gateway between the secure users and open networks, allowing services like Lemozer to be accessed by anyone. Future developments include secure and privacy focused cloud storage, encrypted email services, crypto currency DEX and many other services with the core focus on privacy, security and decentralization.

Road Map:

Q4 2020:
Idea concept stage
Select OS for a new smart phone other than IOS and Android.
Customize selected OS for the smart phone
All completed!

The reality is that if you are using a smart phone with IOS or Android, you have no privacy, it’s that simple.

Q1 2021:
Business front end incorporation of Zero Avocado.
Website development for Zero Avocado
Hardware testing for the Avoozer smart phone
Primary app development start for the Avoozer smart phone
Website development for the Avoozer smart phone

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Q2 2021:
Set up and configure the AvoVPN ecosystem network to support the Avoozer smart phone.
Launch AvoVPN ecosystem website.
Final testing of Avoozer KV Beta smart phone.
Final testing and launch of secure communications app for the Avoozer smart phone.
Start soft marketing of the Avoozer KV Beta Smart phone to selected groups and organisations.
Start development of the Lemozer Matrix based social media system
Soft launch the Lemozer website
Delivery start of limited editions of the Avoozer KV Beta Smart Phone.

When we started looking at ways to offer secure communication, we also looked at some of the systems that claimed to offer “absolute secure communication”. Encro Chat and SkyECC are two systems that have been written a lot about in the media in the last year, but how secure was it really? Not at all apparently!

Q3 2021:
Start development of the reward and payment system, the Zercados Token
Set up the Zercados website
Launch the GpsSpoof app on the Avoozer KV Beta Smart phones.
Start development of TOR based anonymous file sharing app for Avoozer.
Create the Zercados Token on the Binance Smart Chain
Develop white paper for Zercados Token
Development start of anonymous SIM/SMS verification service
Beta testing of Lemozer “user hosted” Matrix servers.
Hardware testing for next model of the Avoozer smart phone, the KV1.
🥚Pre sales of Zercados Token.
🥚IEO of Zercados Token start.

Yes, 40 % of Zero Avocados Ltd’s pre-tax profits are used to buy back Zercados on the open market via exchanges. This ensures that Zero Avocado ltd has a continued supply of tokens to reward their system developers. each development strengthens the privacy ecosystem and increases the value of the ecosystem as well as the token itself.

Q4 2021:
Start development of the E-SIM system for the Avoozer smart phone
🥚Launch custom wallet for Zercados on the Avoozer smart phones.
🥚Integrate Zercados tokens as payment solution for all Zero Avocado developments and products.
🥚Launch annonymous SIM/SMS verification service (TBN).
🥚Launch version 2 of the app shop for Avoozer smart phones
🥚Launch Lemozer Matrix based social media service integrating current 25 million+ users
🥚Launch the Lemozer app for Avoozer Smart phones
🥚Launch the Lemozer app for Android phones

The Zercados token will also be the only crypto payment accepted within the ecosystem itself. No matter if this is for the actual purchase of an Avoozer smart phone, paying for upgrades to encrypted cloud storage or to purchase apps or other services within the ecosystem

Q1 2022:
🥚Launch of Avoozer KV1 smart phone, the second model in the series.
🥚AvoVPN ecosystem expansion with IP locations in 30+ countries
🥚Development start of “Activist app” (TBN), WiFi meshed communication.
🥚Launch of secure & encrypted cloud storage for Avoozer users on AvoVPN ecosystem.
🥚Sale start of Lemozer “self hosted” matrix based servers
🥚Add more exchanges for Zercados Token
🥚Start hardware testing for next gen Avoozer smart phone, KV2

Even potential add revenue from apps developed and the Lemozer Matrix system will be paid in Zercados, increasing the usage of the zercados token as a transactional payment form.

Q2 2022
🥚Start development of a low cost “single use” Avoozer Smart Phone.
🥚Launch secure encrypted email service on the AvoVPN ecosystem
🥚Start development of a DEX for crypto currencies on the AvoVPN ecosystem
🥚First buy back of Zercados by Zero Avocado Ltd equal to 40% of pre-tax profits

Do you believe there is a market for truly secure and private communication? If YES then Zercados are for you.


  • Total fix supply of Zercados Tokens: 1 000 000 000
  • Maximum Zercados Tokens sold on pre-sale and IEO: 500 000 000
  • Zercados Tokens reserved for system developer and marketing rewards: 350 000 000
  • Tokens reserved for marketing : 100 000 000
  • Minimum buy back per year by Zero Avocado Ltd: 40% of pre-tax profits
  • Reserved for Management and Zero Avocado owners: 0 (they all employed by Zero Avocado Ltd and have a wage already from the normal business)
  • See our white paper / tokenomics for more detailed info on token distribution and how funds raised will be distributed.


Zercados Token is launched by Zero Avocado Ltd (UK), Company number 13233242 Registered in England & Wales

Official information can be found here.

More info on the team in our whitepaper version 1.1