Real value, real returns in a market that becomes more and more important to many around the world, privacy and security.

Zero Avocados Ltd (UK) focuses on developing systems and solutions that protects the privacy and anonymity of the user, from its Avoozer Smart Phone to AvoVPN and aps developed for secure communication all the way to a different way to interact with social media in moderated and unmoderated ways.

As the company’s profits in relation to the issued Zercados will be used to buy back Zercados on the open market (exchanges) and by this increasing the amount of tokens available for rewarding system and app developers, there is not only increased liquidity on the market for the token but Zero Avocado Ltd increases its value of systems and services developed to the benefit of the token holders.

The use of a token falls perfectly in line with the company’s policy of protecting privacy and anonymity.

Zercados Tokens