When everyone is trying to revolutionise current solutions, we focus on protecting them.
A token with something as unusual as a core business based on current technology in the background that focuses on protecting the most important thing for all of us, privacy and freedom of speech. The very core of democracy and blockchain technology.
A token that bases it values and generates income in a more traditional way, but with blockchain technology protecting its users, developers and investors.
Zercados is a token that focuses on developing networks and solutions that protects privacy for its users a complete “privacy and security ecosystem”. The flagship development is the Avoozer smart phone that acts as a key in to an encrypted network of services and solutions.
Zercados tokens are used to reward developers, marketing and to pay for services and products by the ecosystems users . 
As Zercados token is used as the internal reward system for developers and other associated to the Zero Avocado privacy and security ecosystem, 40% of Zero Avocados Ltd’s pre tax profits will yearly be used to buy back Zercados tokens on the open market. This in combination with the token being used as the preferred method of payment for services, upgrades, equipment and more by the ecosystems users ensures a real and active usage of the token itself.

Pre ICO opportunities for early investors now offered.

40% of Zero Avocado Ltd operating profit on a yearly basis is used to buy back Zercados tokens each year on open exchanges. 
The tokens bought back are then reused to reward system and software developers and for marketing and this in its turn raises not only the value of the circulated Zercados Tokens but more importantly it raises the value, function and service level of the ecosystem itself.

If you believe that there is a market for secure encrypted peer to peer communication without servers, a market for social media interaction that is a combination or moderated, unmoderated and encrypted private, that there is a market for private encrypted networks where a user can stay anonymous whilst using email, exchanges and other services we see as vital today, then the Zercados Token is for you. 

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We are a privacy focused company so we don’t ask for more.

When launching it will be in limited amounts and at a valuation normally only seen in early pre sale start ups even if the systems are ready to go.
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Zero Avocados Ltd’s systems, networks and developments include:

Avoozer KV Beta

A smart phone that is adapted to maintaining your privacy, making sure that your private conversations are just that – private.

Only Available for Avoozer Users

AvoVPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that helps you remain private when browsing online — from anywhere. Giving you private and secure access to the internet, we hide your IP address while encrypting your online data. AvoVPN provides you with a VPN that is easy to use, so you can take control of your privacy.

Re-thinking Social Media

“There’s a difference between (a) offending people for its own sake and (b) challenging their prejudices, their preconceptions, or their comfortable assumptions.”

Custom Apps

Several custom apps to support the functions of the Avoozer smart phone, all with the aim of maintaining privacy, security and anonymity for its user.